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Gus at Lizarde Auto on Figueroa in Cypress Park/ Northeast L.A. - I've known him for like 14 years. He's across the street from a job I had back then. And he was the one that I could find that would do an alignment on an old Mopar. I just saw your Fall Fling link - where in L.A. are you? I'm in Eagle Rock.

Simi Valley. But grew up in LA and sold supplies to repair shops all over So Cal.

Part of the club that puts on Fall and Spring Fling Mopar shows at Woodley Park, Van Nuys.

I had a customer up street next to AB Muffler about 10 years ago. I do remember seeing old cars and some Mopars in front of that place. Something in black primer IIRC.

What does your alignment printout sheet say?