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Thanks - you are probably right, but I'm still somewhat shocked that no one here will do an alignment on car that is older than 1990. It is one of the only things I don't do myself. I rebuilt the entire front suspension myself. Including making bushings for the gearbox to compensate for the smaller bolts of the early K-members, so the box itself won't move or flex.

There plenty of places in So Cal that will do alignments in older cars.

Cars Mufflers - Redondo Beach
Johnson Alignment - Torrance
Performance Plus - Torrance and Long Beach
Marlo’s - Chatworth
Tyerman’s - Burbank

Just some basic ones of top of my head. But I know those are over 10 miles away.

Bunch in Pasadena,

Andy’s Alignment in Glendale might be a good deal for you. I’d just stop by and scope them out for the next time.