Show us your home made tools

Guys that ride (or used to ride) motorcycles might appreciate this set of tools here. These are improvised “cartridge emulator” adjusting tools for the front forks (stanchions) on older motorcycles that had non-adjustable forks. You drill out the damper rods to bypass the damping they are stuck with-and then install the emulators (adjustable valves) on top of the rods and reassemble the forks. Typically you have to pull apart the forks to adjust the emulators for softer/firmer damping. With these tools I made the forks now only need to be drained of oil, the forks cap on top is removed, and the long Allen tipped tool drops down through the spring in the fork and engages the emulators Allen bolt, and the other two tools insert from the bottom of the fork: the brass tube with notches engages the gold vanes of the emulator to prevent it from turning while adjusting the bolt, and the tool with the prongs engages the modified stop nut (nut is notched to accept the prongs on the tool) Takes both hands but one is able to loosen the nut, tighten or loosen the bolt to soften/firm up the damping. All without removing the front end of the bike and disassembling the forks. Works a charm as they say