PRW Platinum Rockers, Trick Flow Heads, 408: Anyone Else Use the Same?

I recently finished putting together my 408; for several reasons for the first time I had an engine builder assemble the short block for me, internal balance. I double checked the bolt torques on everything then I bolted on Trick Flow 190 heads and PRW Platinum adjustable rockers with the geometry correction kit, all from B3 Racing. I have a couple of issues with the motor but the one I'm asking about here relates to what I believe is valvetrain noise: loud ticking, especially on the pass. side, comes in as the engine gets warmer and increases as RPMs increase. I read the other recent post where the OP is in a similar situation as I but I never ran stock rockers on this, broke it in with the PRW set, using new Mopar Performance HFT lifters, Hughes 228/232 cam, Amsoil "break in" oil, followed Hughes' cam break in procedure. I've never used adjustable rockers so I've never had to set lash/preload or use shims. I believe I have set the preload correctly and have tried adjusting them, when hot and cold, no change, noise is still there. Something that I noticed, but didn't when I was putting the rocker geometry together, was that a few of the rockers have much more side to side play than the rest, as if I didn't shim them enough; I used a feeler gauge and have .020 on one side of the rocker, against the hold-down clamp. But when I check the adjacent rocker, on the other side of the spacer, against its closest clamp, I only have about .010 space between that rocker and the clamp. How is it possible that two rockers only separated by a moveable spacer can have .020 gap on one side, against a clamp, while the other rocker only has .010 gap against its closest clamp? AND, is it possible for this .020 gap and the extra side to side movement of these few rockers to create the ticking noise I'm hearing? I know it wouldn't be difficult to remove the valve train and attempt to shim away that .020 gap but according to PRW I can have a space of .010 to .030 on the end of the rocker so I'm curious to know if anyone else is running this same set up as I and if you've had any similar issues with the combination of PRW rockers, Trick Flow Heads and HFT lifters. Thanks and sorry for the long post.