Large RPM and Vacuum drop when shifting from park to gear

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That looks like a problem for car that ought to be using vac advance, BUT that may be jumping the gun.
Not enough info here. What's the timing below 2000 rpm? What's the slowest idle speed attained with the engine warmed up? What is the drop in rpm when placed in gear?

Mechanical advance starts coming in at 1700. So up until 1700, it's still 19 degrees. Lowest idle speed is 1200 in park and drops to 900 in gear, which is an improvement from the 1000 rpm drop I was experiencing before I made any adjustments.

Additionaly, I have another problem elsewhere that might be the culprit behind all this. Yesterday I used the car and it stalls under light throttle. Made another thread on it. Wouldn't surprise me that whatever is causing that is also affecting my idle quality.