Stephan at SFRestorations finished my wiper motor. Notice all the attention to detail on the stator windings. The quality of the finished motor is far better than that done by Passion4Mopars. The first photo shows what I sent him before he restored it. The last photo is after his restoration.
This is the work he did on the motor:
Restored interns (Stator and rotor) Polish cylinder and re-plate, changed motor wiring insulator, restore switch plate + correct goop, new ground strap, new firewall connector, new grommets and sleeves,

correct cardboard cylinder insulator with tab, new switch plate gasket, new motor to firewall foam, correct shrink cap, changed main wiring electrical black tape for correct non stick vinyl wrap. Soda blast main casing for proper finish on aluminum , motor was properly greased and runs smoothly

Your motor is also warrantied for life

Stephan is a great asset to the Mopar community

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