Captainkirk's Duster project

So, I alluded earlier to a "New Plan"...and here it is. Gone are the dreams of rolling a cream puff out into the sunlight, magnificent in every way. A car that would put "Graveyard Carz" to, kiddies, the New Plan is to get this thing rolling on rebuilt brakes and suspension, paint the engine bay, drop in the power train, and get it running. New carpeting and such can go in, but not gonna fret about things like paint or trim items for the moment. Seat covers are important, but it can drive without 'em. No, this thing needs to fire up and make some locomotion under it's own power ASAP. And if I stop thinking this thing has to be absolutely perfect before it sees the light of day, maybe I'll quit spinning my wheels and actually get somewhere. This has been my problem all along. In my quest for perfection, I'm wasting valuable time fretting over the small potatoes and driving myself nuts in the process. So, I expect to see some real progress once the weather breaks. More, in fact, that I've made in the last decade, though getting the underside de-rusted and coated took more out of me than I care to admit. It's also time to start squirreling away money for the paint job I see in The Duke's future, whether I do it or send it out to a pro this time around (which is the plan at the moment). Plans will change, new paths will be followed. That's always the way of a project. But at least now I have a plan that has a realistic chance of success. Stay tuned...
That is a good solid plan, I have two dusters, one I made perfect, and it sits in storage, never driven, bought another one, last summer just to drive, it has dings, scratches, but I am not afraid to drive it, or park it by the buggy return at the store.
The old beater one is way more fun.