Under $4k budget build LA360 build

I found a local machine shop that polishes cranks for $25(he thinks the scratch will buff out like you said CaptainKirk!) assembles heads for $20/each and is going to inspect the block which includes measuring it and Sonic testing for $45. Every review is 5 star on Yelp and he’s less than a mile from my house. I can also have him do the full long block assembly for $450 total and I can sit in and watch, or drop the engine off and pay in installments and he’ll get to it on his schedule, if I wanted to go that route. I was thinking about setting up a “Dexter” style kill room to do the assembly in my shared garage. I have plenty of Visqueen and A clips to seal off the space needed and this is my plan... I’m definitely having him assemble the heads, but If I wasn’t broke though, I’d be tempted to have him do the full long block assembly. Man!!! It’s only $360 more to do it. I’m on the fence. Lol. Maybe a random check will come in.