Under $4k budget build LA360 build

I was planning on doing a gasket match and clean up myself, but I’ll ask the machinist what he thinks and what he’ll charge. As much as I want to do it myself, If it’s a wash price wise after purchasing equipment, he might as well do it.

Nothing really difficult about it, but you'll go through a lot of abrasives and truckloads of time doing 8 ports. It would be good if you're looking for the experience, but IMHO all the experience taught me was that I should let someone else do it next time.:rolleyes:

I could only find this version from Larry Shepard that’s available for delivery this week. Same author, but it’s a little different.

Not sure if the version I have is out of print? At any rate, Larry knows his stuff. I can't see how any book by him could be bad.