3" exhaust

For my SBM 68 Barracuda, I bought the TTI mandrel bent 3in/3out H-pipe kit, with Dynomax 3-pass mufflers. I had no fitment issues even with the rear end narrowed and the springs offset to allow 325/50-15s in the stock tubs. I won't say there was "lots of room", but rather "more than enough" . Mine are turned down at the rear bumper. Stock gas tank. No drone. but 72 pounds with the muffs. Also, not too loud or too quiet with 11/1 Scr and 178 to 188 psi.
But they do scream at WOT, starting at about 5000.....
I have been pulled over several times since 1999 but never was noise mentioned.
Oh yeah, almost forgot; my car is lowered quite a bit; K has been down at 5.5 off the tarmac but currently closer to 6 inches, and car does not have much rake.