Captainkirk's Duster project

OK, so "I'm thinking..."
The machine shop has not had a chance to even look at the heads yet. "Getting into their busy season", so the email said. All fine and good, not gonna pressure them or be a jerk about it. But I don't even have a ball park estimate yet, and the Eddies are once again available. Yeah, they're like 1600 a pair, but I would get 171cc runners and 2.02 valves included, and I recently watched an "Engine Masters" episode on MotorTrend in which both Dulcich and Frieburger were surprised that aluminum heads made more power than casties. Not on a SB LA Mopar, but still...
That and the fact that the Eddies have 63 cc chambers, as opposed to the 67cc chambers my J heads have.
Food for thought.