Under $4k budget build LA360 build

Bummer. Has the block already been bored .040 over? if so, then the choice of pistons will depend on whether you want the lightest piston available (hypereutectic) or the strongest (forged) along with cam/compression compatibility and profile (domed, flat top, cut for valve reliefs, etc). Just me again, but I wouldn't be shopping around for used piston no matter the condition; when I chose mine I did so by availability and cost and did a side-by-side comparison, as by choosing I boxed myself in to a set of .030 pistons and had to have my std block re-bored.

The previous owner had the block prepped be a machine shop, which included the .040 over bore. My main concern is finding a piston that will work with my goals and current collection of parts. I’d change the cam if necessary though. I got a good deal on it and would break even if I went another direction and wanted to sell it and lifters. I want forged pistons, but don’t want to fork over the big bucks, so I was considering used.