Under $4k budget build LA360 build

I’ve been collecting parts and I’m getting close. The last big items I need are .040 pistons, torque converter(3000 recommended with my cam) and carb(I’m leaning towards the Edlebrock 1407... 750cfm). I installed my 8 3/4 rear end, but stayed with the 3.23 gears while deciding on a final gear ratio(It’s what was already in there)... Since then, I’ve decided to go with 3.91 gears.

I can purchase a set of lightly used -5cc Probe flat top forged pistons. The advertised compression is around 9.5:1 with my head combo, but when I put it in the calculator it shows 10.5:1 static and 8.8:1 dynamic, which is too high for my use. I would need to put a huge cam in to get the dynamic to a pump gas friendly range. The KB 107’s seem like a good fit for my setup. I’m still trying to figure out the best combo for quench and dynamic compression. I’d like to stay below 10:1scr and 8:1 dynamic and under .40 quench.

Part that I have

RPM Air Gap Intake (waiting on confirmation from seller)
Stock 974 iron heads with multi angle value job and 2.02/1.60 valves(no machine work yet)
273 adjustable rocker arms shaft and push rods
Bushed 340 rods newly machined with new new ARP bolts
Stock cast 3.58 crank
7177 Edlebrock Cam and lifters 234/244 @.50
.488/.510 lift 112 lobe separation 107 center
Double roller timing chain
High volume oil pump and pickup
Stock oil pan(may upgrade)
Oil pump drive
Mechanical fuel pump
MSD 6a ignition, distributor and blaster 2 coil
E3 spark plugs
TTI headers
904 transmission

Parts I Need help deciding on

.040 Pistons
Torque Converter

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for the articles, posts and help I’ve gotten so far!
I'd run those gears first you might like them I had 391 then went 355 and love them they are perfect and droped damn near a half second in the quarter mile .