Stock magnum max lift

Curious what's max lift for stock spring. Also what is a good cam choice for stock weight 70 dart. Will be running a 3.55 gear 255/60/15 tire . Custom stall to match cam. Will be a street car primarily but will definitely see the track. Found low mileage magnum only 33k miles and I just want to swap cam, put RPM intake and carb on it and have some fun.
The stock valve springs on every Magnum engine were not adequate for the stock cam, which was a ridiculously small cam to start with. If you're changing the cam you MUST put in a new set of springs.

I'm not a cam expert so I'll let others make recommendations, but I can tell you Hughes makes some good Magnum cams (bring your wallet). They also have some great reading material on their website about the Magnums: Hughes Engines

I bought one from Hughes because they were the only company I could find that was producing an upgraded cam for the stock Magnum EFI, but you might find other manufacturers that make a good cam for your application. Good luck!