Post 11 second small block combos

As cast Speedmaster heads, I bought the castings and had my engine builder put them together.
1968 Valiant full interior and glass minus radio. Gonna guess its around 3200 with me in it.
LA 360 stock crank and rods
Icon 741 pistons about 10.6:1
Oregon Cam Grinding 242/248 @ .050" .600" lift solid roller cam
performer RPM, 750 double pumper
Stock type 273 type adjustable rockers 1.5 ratio
Doug's Headers with a 17" header extension and some turn downs, no mufflers or exhaust yet.
904(A999) from a 1982 Cordoba with low gear set rebuilt with good internal parts and revers manual low band apply valve body.
A PTC 9.5" converter stalling at about 4200.
8.8" ford explorer rear end 3.73 Limited slip
Super Stock springs, slant six torsion bars, Mancini bolt on subframe connectors welded in.
26x8.5 Mickey T pro drag radial

First weekend out with the new tranny and converter went 11.77 @ 114.35