slant six cranks but won't start

we do start it from the key working on compression test spark plugs new not fouled never been running parked long time not using gas tank NOT THROWING MONEY AT ANYTHING we are taking it one part at a time to diagnose the issue your statement is a bit insulting! put questions here because we are stuck and thought we might get help with something we may have missed!
My statement is not insulting. We are trying to find out what you are up to, what you have done, what you have tested. You didn't answer questions posed by several of the members. Bear in mind, "phd" that none of us hear get or expect any pay for this, and "once in awhile" considerable time gets expended by collective members. On top of that we get to sit here and "imagine" what the various posters are doing and thinking. I'm not there and I cannot see what you are up to, only guess.