Best rear suspension for drag/street handling

Well you can get a better steering ratio from a Borgeson steering box, they're 14:1. I run a 16:1 manual steering box on my Duster, and really it doesn't need to be any faster a ratio than that. Now, if you want to get rid of the on-center dead spot that every worm and ball steering box has, you have to go rack and pinion. But that's not a performance thing, that's a feel thing.

I think that this is my biggest issue with my car. I don't like this "play on center" before the car actually start turning, for me it makes it hard to trust keeping it on center (especially at speeds). Is this play present on every steering box? Not too long ago I found that the three mounting bolts got a little loose...enough that there was play when i pulled at the wheels. Of course I tighten it back and I am sensitive to this play at the steering wheel. Is this something that I just need to get use to?

BTW, @72bluNblu , how did you lower your rear suspension? I have a 9" rear end but don't know the rear leaf spring rate and I want to lower the back end and add rear sway bar.