67/68/69 cuda dilemma

So jealous. I cannot wait to get my car to this stage!! Been in rusty sheet metal purgatory for a couple years. One day though! Keep it going!
I bought this one 7 years ago. It sat behind my buddies fence on his property for 4 of those years as I collected up sheetmetal for it. While it sat I developed a game plan and cleared space for it since it seems that everything on it was either damaged, butchered, or rotten He was glad when I came and got it. Not because it was taking up space, but because everybody kept stopping and asking if it was for sale. It was a bit of a pain in the *** for him lol.

A word of advice, dont be quick to giterdun. A lot of times I will get to a point and step back and think about the next thing I need to do. Sometimes I rethink an idea multiple times before I do it, or make changes in the plan as I go. With sheetmetal, make 100% certain it's where you want it before welding. It's much harder to take it apart than it is to stitch it together.