Am I being rude?

hell no ....I don't like uninvited visitors regardless if i know them or not.

I always get the ones who think they are helping me with advice and wanting to help and act like I'm not capable of handling my own. I was fine on my own before they came and ill be fine after they leave.

I don't like other people touching my tools or asking a million questions about the car at hand in the operating bay. Usually they see more cars behind the garage and into the back yard and want a grand tour. I don't have time for that kind of thing and it's not a public salvage yard so i have to be a ***** and say that it's currently a restricted area so NO, you can't roam or have a tour of the yard.

I have a local guy whom I know very well who stops by and wants to bullshit the afternoons away. My garage time is scarce and valuable so I know i can be rude but he needs to go get a job and dream somewhere else and take his convict buddy with him.