750 Holley electric choke question

After looking at the whole setup, it seemed to me that bending the link might move the choke plate one way or the other, but the total travel would be the same. And the problem, it seemed, was a lack of full travel. Looked and looked some more and finally noticed that the choke plate shaft was really loose in its bores. So, looked up choke plate for 3310 Holley, got the pn for it and its shaft. Shaft diameter is supposed to be .317. One that's in there now is no where near that big; more like .222. Have no idea where it came from (OK, been a while since I installed the choke kit and have not been driving any of my old Mopars very much lately). Thinking the plate and shaft had been missing from this carb and that I had robbed what was in there from my parts stash? What did the plate/shaft come from? Dunno, but I have ordered the correct choke plate and shaft. Should be here later this week. Will see if that fixes things.