bad business choice by classic industries

These are MD8049. I explained the issues with them when I finally got through for the RMA number. Invoice 14003275. You received them back on 11/18 I believe. I received the refund today via a PayPal resolution in my favor. Would be nice if you just issued the refund when you receive the product instead of making a customer jump through hoops to get it. As for DMT, at $1.25 each versus $1.95 each for yours, these work perfectly and look nicer. DMT number. CHR6001798. Thanks!

I show that we processed the refund on 11/26... I'll have to check into this and see what happened. It should not have been delayed for any reason.

We hadn't had any complaints about the clips we've been carrying, but we'll definitely be looking to switch suppliers now that we've received your feedback.

This kind of information is very useful to us. If we don't know there's a problem, and we don't know that there's another solution, we can't fix it. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.