Building a Duster for the wife.

Well come February it will be 2 years ago I bought a 1971 Duster to build for my wife. But she doesn’t know that it’s going to be her’s. I started on it last spring and was starting to make some progress and then we had a wedding in August for my step son and vacation (Power tour) in late August and then I got Covid the 1st of September and now recovering from Surgery on December 15th. So things have kind of stalled. I hope to get back to work on it sometime in January.
My plans for the car is to put either a 318 or 360 in it. Duster came with a /6. I want it to be a 340 clone with FM3 paint and the blacked out hood. Black interior and a few upgrades like bluetooth radio an usb port to charge your phone and A/C. I would like to have it done late September for her birthday. Fingers crossed.
Here are some pictures of what I started with and my progress so far. I had been posting some videos on YouTube and plans for more.