Transmission Mount Removal

Reviving this from a year ago maybe it can help someone. I finally got around to moving ahead with my transmission and engine. As they say, life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

That tab holding the mount in is very heavy gauge and also very stout. I couldn’t bend it. The mount blocks any way to get to it. I tried the chisel and hammer and just began to cut into it.

I like looked it over, my son looked it over and simply had no way to bend it up with the mount in place. I could tell that there are three metal pieces held together with rubber. Two on either side of the mount and down inside the crossmember. One has a stud protruding through the crossmember and the other is the one being held by the tan. The third piece is the “tee” that sticks out the top.

my solution was to clamp the tee in my vice. My son and I rocked and twisted the crossmember up and down and back and forth until the mount tore in half. It was actually pretty easy. Took about five minutes. I was able to pull out the Tee with the lower metal piece containing the stud. The piece held in by the tan fell out then. I was now able to easily bend the tab. I’m using a poly mount and it doesn’t need the tab at all so I’ll just leave it bent up.