Front wheel speed sensor retrofit ideas?

Well, I ended up going a slightly different way in the end. I was looking at my original design that mimicked RacerJoe's, but I realized the way I was building it I wouldn't actually be able to put the sensor in or take it out. I was trying to tweak the design and cut material away to give clearance for the sensor, but then I had the thought about a bolt on plate sitting on spacers. At that point I realized I didn't even need a base plate at all anymore, I could just bolt straight to the spindle, so I came up with this "banana" bracket. I can even keep the stock dust shield with just a slight mod to some of the holes on the back side for the wire to go through. I think if I would have positioned the sensor a little better I probably wouldn't have even needed that, but I didn't really mind grinding a little material away for more cable clearance. I do have to de-pin the connector to install or remove the sensor, but I'm hoping this isn't something I'm going to be replacing often. Haven't actually hooked it up to the computer yet to see if it works. but tuned up the spacing with some washers to make sure everything cleared and am hoping to get the wiring to the computer done today.

I started out with a 3D printed piece in plastic to check fitment, then copied the shape and hole positions over to a piece of 1/8" scrap metal I had. Seems like it should be stout enough, and it's really not under any stress to begin with, so not too worried. The "worst" part about the whole setup is just that it's going to be in a really high heat area, but this is just a street cruiser, not a track machine, so I don't think the brakes are going to get worked that hard.

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Looks good to me!