Should I make the swap to G3?

Watch the Hot Rod garage episode titled "fast, cheap,mopar, pick two"
I haven't seen it in a while, but believe they ended up with over 11k in the car, and figured the car was worth about $4500!
I'd keep your 408! If you want to do a G3 swap, how about into a 2009 V6 Challenger, I'd think that would almost be affordable:)

My car has EFI already. Therefore, the fuel system is there already, along with the ECU. There will be some slight modification to the control system, mainly the coil drivers because I have LS coils which are smart coils, while the hemi coils require an external driver. I'll also make a new harness for the hemi. Again, we're not talking big dollars here. I also own the engine. The biggest expense would be mods to the engine, mounts, and headers. Otherwise, there's no way this would be close to $10K. If I would leave the engine stock, the swap would be relatively cheap since I already have most of the big dollar parts.