Should I make the swap to G3?

My car has EFI already. Therefore, the fuel system is there already, along with the ECU. There will be some slight modification to the control system, mainly the coil drivers because I have LS coils which are smart coils, while the hemi coils require an external driver. I'll also make a new harness for the hemi. Again, we're not talking big dollars here. I also own the engine. The biggest expense would be mods to the engine, mounts, and headers. Otherwise, there's no way this would be close to $10K. If I would leave the engine stock, the swap would be relatively cheap since I already have most of the big dollar parts.
Glad you're talented enough to build your own harness!
So just mounts, oil pan, headers, trans adapter or flywheel.
When you pull the trigger let us know what you spend on everything, might encourage others to go this route.