Should I make the swap to G3?

Glad you're talented enough to build your own harness!
So just mounts, oil pan, headers, trans adapter or flywheel.
When you pull the trigger let us know what you spend on everything, might encourage others to go this route.

Just going off memory and quick math, the parts you mention are under $2K. That's with the Holley headers and not the $1K TTI headers!

The guy is pretty talented, you should read his build thread. I think the harness would be the easy part for him.
Thanks! Not to mention making the harness would probably be my favorite part of the job.... I know I know, I have a sickness. I actually like doing bodywork too. LOL

Shouldn't need a trans adapter, bolt pattern is the same outside of one bolt the G3 doesn't use. Definitely will need a flywheel, though.