EFI guys, any options for theft protection?

Due to recent developments on the site here with homebrewed traction control (@racerjoe @Map63Vette), I have been overviewing different aftermarket EFI systems just out of curiosity.

One thing I ran across was the option in one of the Holley systems to password protect your tune. This got me to wondering if there are any options to turn fuel on or off based on a pulsed signal?

I know, it's kind of a jump; traction control -> locked tunes -> theft protection. But that's how my mind works sometimes.

Seems like a reach, but just wonder if there is a way to trigger the ECU so it knows the car is "unlocked" and a start command is followed or if an un-authorized start attempt would result in either no spark or no fuel. Pretty much an OEM setup except in an ECU you have access to and control. Hopefully a password setup would protect that as well.

I'm a little finicky about this stuff. Had a friend who's car was stolen out of his garage so it's something that is on my mind. Nothing is perfect, even the new cars are stolen, but just seems like something to add difficulty. Just maybe give the opportunity to find the twit sitting in the drivers seat wondering why it won't run so he can "trip" a couple of times before the police show up. :-)

Found one thread where the guy asked about a tune that wouldn't run (no fuel or spark) and then loaded with a handheld. Rather something that could be turned on and off at the push of a button. I've heard of dual tunes, does MSPro or a Terminator X allow for that?