EFI guys, any options for theft protection?

And yes, I know a tow truck trumps all that. Funny thing is, I hardly ever see car thieves start with a tow truck when they steal Scat Packs and Hellcats. Might drive it around the corner to one, but usually the video's are of how fast they start and drive them away.

So, I kind of think most of these guys aren't' running around with a tow truck.

Heck, seems like half the time anymore, they just wait until you come back and then jack the car and drive over you while you are laying on the ground bleeding from a head wound.

There is no perfect fix.

I just wondered for the sake of discussion. Well, and because someday I want to road trip my car and it would be nice not to have it disappear from a hotel parking lot 1000 miles from home.