EFI guys, any options for theft protection?

Wasn’t really looking for ideas as much as I was curious if the aftermarket had any options. There are certainly multiple ways like pull a fuse, hidden battery disconnect, etc.

I guess I was thinking of the way the OEM JTEC works with the module in a Ram or Jeep GC where they communicate over a 2 wire network. If the module doesn’t get the unlock signal, it tells the PCM not to run and the truck shuts off after a second or two. Wondered if any of the aftermarket EFI systems could do something similar.

If multiple tunes can be loaded and switched on the fly, I could see something like this working. Just don’t have the experience or access to any of the systems to mess with it myself.
There are definitely all kinds of strategies you could employ with the Megasquirt. Using a 2nd fuel/spark table that cripples the car or puts it in a valet mode, a 2-step mode that just kills fuel/spark at a really low RPM, rev-limiter, etc. All of these could be enabled/disabled from an external input. To make it interesting and convenient I would want to control it with some kind of hand-held, wireless input; Bluetooth keyfob, Smart Phone app, proximity sensor (RFID or NFC or similar).