Should I make the swap to G3?

Not knocking your choice, or anyone else's, but I'm not so sure I would agree that just because there are less and less people with TB suspensions that means the coil overs are more competitive. They are probably lighter so they might be better on a drag strip, but auto-x or a road course might highlight some shortcomings. And I don't see how a coil over is more flexible than a TB, both need an adjustable shock to be flexible and both can adjust the ride height with the turn of a wrench. In that way, both seem just as flexible and more so than a standard coil sprung suspension.

Just seems like too many people are too quick to jump on coil overs because they are new tech and all the other makes have them. Certainly they have the advantage of more room, but I suspect they give up some chassis stiffness. Not saying one is better than the other, my only point is that sometimes things are adopted not because they are better but because people think they are. Witness the SBC, might have been better than the flathead, but doesn't mean it is still the best option.

Just seems like every magazine build recently touts the conversion as if leaving the TB's in the car is the same as running a 1bbl slant 6.

Again, to be clear, let me reiterate, I'm not against anyone that uses coil overs. Just voicing an opinion. Don't want anyone thinking I should have a brown fish for my avatar. :D
Great reply Dion! That is exactly my point, here is another side of the coin described eloquently and with real world experiences. Racer Joe asked for the whys on coil over. And the replies from all, were based on preference and a technical aspect. These conversations are exactly why I joined FABO. I have learned so much I could never pay it all back. Plus I have got to meet some great folks at the tracks all over the Country. And you guessed it Dion I am a drag racer! Hah! That being said I worked on the pit crew for a Porsche sponsored USCCA D production National Champion road racer. So I love both but my heart is in drag racing. Thanks for asking the question of us Racer Joe, now quit screwing around and drop that Gen 3 in there will ya! Hah!