Should I make the swap to G3?

Great reply Dion! That is exactly my point, here is another side of the coin described eloquently and with real world experiences. Racer Joe asked for the whys on coil over. And the replies from all, were based on preference and a technical aspect. These conversations are exactly why I joined FABO. I have learned so much I could never pay it all back. Plus I have got to meet some great folks at the tracks all over the Country. And you guessed it Dion I am a drag racer! Hah! That being said I worked on the pit crew for a Porsche sponsored USCCA D production National Champion road racer. So I love both but my heart is in drag racing. Thanks for asking the question of us Racer Joe, now quit screwing around and drop that Gen 3 in there will ya! Hah!
Thanks for acknowledging this. I don't need guys beating on their chest saying which suspension is best. Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one. If simplicity is your reason, that's fine with me.

I think I've made the decision to start collecting parts for the swap. It would be nice to get everything I need and simply make the swap over a weekend. I have a large connector on my firewall for the engine management already. The plan would be make the harness so it can plug into the same connector. I don't think I would need to do any rewire on the firewall side, but that will need some investigation.
At that point, it would be a K member drop out, notch frame rail for alternator and paint, then install new K and engine. Plug in, and start tuning! I'm sure a single weekend is a lofty goal, but I think I could get it pretty close in one weekend.