Should I make the swap to G3?

My wife enjoys going on the tours they have. We go to the show for the morning then go sight seeing. Several guys from San Antonio go every year and we usually convoy over there. You are right, it seems the past couple years it’s become a new car dealership parking lot. I think they opened it up to modern cars to generate more money for the charity. A lot of guys have gotten older and can’t make the trip.

I bet part of getting older is enjoying driving the restored Mopar on long trips less and less. New cars have gotten pretty nice and as much fun as it is to cruise the old car around town, the seats, wind noise, mushy suspension and over powered steering along with high RPM and low gas mileage make it harder and harder to even want to take a trip like that. Upgraded like you did they are a blast, but stock or even drag oriented and it starts to be a bit of a “drag” (see what I did there ;-) ) after getting used to even an basic economy car people commute in.

I wonder how many of those new Challengers and Chargers are at that show driven by someone with an older restored car home in the garage.