Should I make the swap to G3?

Well as a owner of both a Scat Pack modern Challenger, and the aforementioned Demon with 6.1 I can certainly attest the modern is much easier to drive. That being said guess how many miles I have put on it since I got the Demon running? Honking zero! But in all fairness the performance of the modern challenger is what drove me to do the swap in the first place. I have driven the scat pack across the country three times in total creature comfort. Once I had so many tools with me the car was listing, I mean seriously you could hide three hockey bags in the trunk! But the car is very heavy.

That’s similar to what is motivating me, except I had to sell my R/T. Funny thing is, when I had the Challenger, I hardly ever drove my Duster and almost all of my plans for mods was for the R/T. Kind of the opposite in that regard.

Now that I think about it, that can’t be totally true because I did most of my suspension mods on the Duster while I had the Challenger. Which did give me a decent back to back comparison between the two. And even with the moderately large TB’s (could always be bigger, right?) I think my Duster drove and handled at least as well as my STP equipped R/T. Only major detractor to my Duster was the slow manual steering, and I have a Borgeson box to put it so that should fix that.