Should I make the swap to G3?

I might be interested in that list as well...

The main Hemi connectors on my 06 5.7 at least were as follows for some general info:

Injectors - EV6 style, any number of places make these, I ended up using some GT150 style ones I believe
Coils - Amp SSC (sealed sensor connector)
Alternator - my alternator is off a truck and was a 2 pin Yazaki, near impossible to buy the housing bare, but you can buy terminals to repin it if you already have one (or if you buy one of the pigtails that are everywhere)
MAP sensor - GT150 series, my sensor might be slightly different style, but it plugged into the harness that came with my MSD, so thinking maybe the connector is common at least
Cam position sensor - 3 pin Yazaki, only place I found this was at Holley in the EFI wiring section
Crank position sensor - Aptiv Apex 2.8 series for mine, though I believe this changed to a smaller Apex 1.2 in later years (my engine came with a 1.2 sensor installed, but the MSD harness needed the 2.8)
Oil pressure - Also Apex 2.8

I have GM coolant and manifold temp sensors since I'm running the Megasquirt which are Metri-Pack 150.2 series, but looks like Holley sells the factory connector kits as well (Connectors - Holley). Honestly, that site is just pretty handy as a reference to begin with. They might not spell out the full name of the connector, but the pictures of the housing and terminals usually got me pretty far as I started recognizing more and more. I went Metri-Pack 150 for most of my other accessory connections like my coil ignitors and the connection to my fuse box for power, but mostly just because that's what I picked. I like Deutsch stuff typically, but they can be on the expensive side and I don't have a closed barrel crimper yet. Amphenol makes knock-off Deutsch compatible parts now though, so that's a slightly more affordable option (and what I used for my bulkhead connectors on the firewall). I also got the open barrel style contacts for them, but they don't really work quite as nicely as the closed barrel ones. If you've got any questions on a particular connector let me know though and I might be able to help you out. I spent far too many late nights digging through websites trying to find info. I have part numbers for all of the housings, terminals, and seals as well, so if you want that level of detail shoot me a PM with your email and I can send you the spreadsheet.