LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

When I picked up the 5.2 Magnum for my /6 -> V8 swap, I figured I'd keep the serpentine setup since all the accessories were on the engine, and also because I didn't have any of the required pieces to change it over to a V-belt setup, like the LA timing cover, brackets, etc.

I figured I was being clever by drilling the heads for an LA intake since I found an LA spec Edelbrock Performer for a decent price. That part went all well and good, but now that I'm putting things back together, I found out there is an interference issue between the alternator/AC bracket and the space that would be occupied by the thermostat housing.
resized 1.PNG

I'm not going to be running air conditioning, and I already bought the delete bracket/pulley, which luckily only uses 3 of the 4 holes.
resized 2.PNG

So unless someone has a better idea, I guess I'm about to get creative with the recipro saw and a die grinder by removing the unneeded portion of the bracket.
resized 3.PNG

Posting this more as an FYI for anyone who's planning out how they're going to go about doing their Magnum swap, since I didn't see this particular scenario mentioned before. I'll reply back with how modification worked out.