LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

This depends on the power steering bracket used.

A full size truck power steering bracket mounts the pump higher, so the non AC belt and routing works. However, some have reported a stock A-body battery location hits the pump.

A van power steering bracket clears the battery setup, but now the belt will not clear the water pump pulley.

Oh, so I didn't have to buy that Dorman pulley deal? I thought I read if you tried to get away without using it, the belt routing was so close at one point, it was almost touching. But what you're saying about the different PS brackets makes sense. I'm going to be using the truck bracket, but when I get everything else bolted back on I'll definitely take a look at that. If I can cut that entire side off, and not use the delete pulley, that would be even better. Thanks for the tips everyone!