LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

I verified there is in fact plenty of clearance for the belt to pass in both directions when bypassing the A/C. I'm just pulling the slack on the too long belt here, but it proves that this approach works. And again, this is a truck PS bracket

I even found that they show this very routing in the shop manual; at least the 1996 and '97 version.
Belt 2.PNG

What's odd is, the the non-A/C belt is showing as 88.5 inches
Belt 3.PNG

but when you search for that part number, people say it's too short. For example, look at some of the comments here:

Maybe the factory non-A/C setup used one or more smaller pulleys, so when you try to use that particular belt on a truck that was originally A/C, you actually need a slightly longer one. Whatever, it turns out to be, I'll post back what worked for me to make it a littler easier for others.