Timing tips

I use the idle advance feature on mine and haven't had any problems with it. The nice thing about it is you can either make your engine sound like it has a big lumpy cam or tame a cam. For a smooth idle, you basically reduce timing when RPM goes up, and advance timing when RPM goes down. You will see the "bubble" moving across the timing table rapidly if you have a rowdy cam. I was able to fine tune my idle to where my rpm only oscillates about 50 RPM. That is only seen on the digital tach on tuner studio. On my dash tach, its stable as a rock. I would recommend using idle advance.

I also use the idle RPM correction curve. This helps adjust the idle faster than the slow moving IAC. You do have to get your IAC pretty close as the RPM swing (at least on my engine) isn't as large as the swing with the IAC. This helps when the engine is returning to idle.