LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

So the 88.5 inch belt should work? I'll give that one a try first then.
No, but I have read about the interference with the battery tray. I did a trunk mount battery in my blue car (a '73 Swinger with a 318) and it worked out very well. No slow cranking issues or anything like that. I bought a rather expensive AGM battery for it, and now I'm planning on selling that car in the spring, so I think I'll put that one back to stock configuration and use those parts to do the rear mount battery in the car that will be getting the Magnum. *Edit* ...which is also a '73 Swinger, albeit one that was a slant from the factory.
But before any of that happens, I'm going to be putting it on the run stand I built. I've never rebuilt an engine before so I'd like to verify operation, oil pressure, no leaks, etc. before actually putting it into the car.

My belt is 91 inches, but again, the van PS braket is lower so maybe it would be different for you. I went on the rock auto website and looked at all the belts for the 94 B350 without AC, and in some of the part descriptions they tell you the length of the belt. I ended up buying the belt locally, but I used that as a part number reference whe doing so.