Fuel pump choices?

Rat Bastid,
Such ignorance. And it is getting worse!!!!!!! Only a low life attacks a person's country.
Apparently you do not understand that an IC engine is an AIR PUMP. It will draw in an amount of air based on [a] capacity [ b] max rpm. Once that is known, the amount of fuel reqd can be determined to get the correct A/F ratio. Above applies to NA only.
Just for you, dope, here is a quote from Holley: '' Fuel requirements relate to the air flow because fuel is consumed in proportion to the air taken in by the engine." A chart is provided for convenience/quick reference.
You better contact Holley & tell them they know squat....

Whatever. Let me ask you a question and then I’m done with you. You are nothin but a nasty little troll wherever you go.

So let’s look at what you claim. You say a 512 inch engine at X rpm will require Y amount of fuel. And I say that’s bullshit. Why is that?

Because I can build a 512 that makes only 500 hp or I can build one that makes 600 hp or I can build one that makes say 650 hp. Who cares right?

I can also build a 408 and make 500 hp quite easily. 600 isn’t out of the question if you aren’t afraid of relatively high compression ratios on pump gas and some rpm...say 6800 rpm. 650 is still pretty easy on pump gas with a W2 head and say...7500 rpm.

Your *** backwards thinking that displacement is what drives fuel consumption is straight nonsense.

You have to burn FUEL to make power. Simple as that. And the fuel required to make 500 hp is the same whether the engine is 512 inches or 408 inches.

So, you do not base your fuel pump selection based on displacement as you have tried to do here.

And once again, I have to spend a bunch of time typing out something so simple because you are nothing but a troll.

So crawl back under the rock from where you come and go learn something.