Fuel pump choices?

You get the Gold Star for ignorance!! I am not going to waste too much time on you because you will never get it.....
All my comments, now & before, are based on NA engines. Forced induction changes things.
The displacement AND max rpm determine the total airflow. That was provided by the OP so that the calculation could be made. Once airflow is known, fuel flow [ requirement ] can be determined. Allowance has to be made for VE [ misnamed, should be mass efficiency, but everybody is used to using VE ].

If you don't like typing...don't type. We will all be better off....

In your 512 example above, how much air flow do you have? A VE of 80% of what? Displacement? You still have to make power with it.

We all know that you can have 2 engines that both have heads that flow let’s say 300 cfm. And both can have wildly different horsepower curves.

In your ignorant logic, both would have the same fuel consumption rates. Of course, that’s moronic. We all know that two identical engines can have much different BSFC numbers.

What I don’t like is typing out a bunch of stuff to unscrew your bullshit advice. Your beehive spring, 58 degrees of timing at idle, wrong geometry nonsense. You don’t even know that all rocker arms have a ratio gain so the nominal ratio is accurate when the rocker is under load, even though Jesel and HS both verified it.

It’s old. You will never learn. You are just a nasty, bitter old troll. Your arrogance keeps you from looking in the mirror to see you don’t know everything.