Fuel pump choices?

Keep on typing & show how DUMB you are.
The flow volumes I have quoted from calculation are delivered to the carb. That is why you allow a safety factor/cushion when choosing a pump using it's advertised rating. Restrictions such as length of line, bends, fittings, filter etc are factored in when choosing the pump capacity. A Carter 4600 pump that I fitted was measured for flow, by removing the hose from the carb inlet; the system used a Mallory reg set at 6psi. It delivered 90 gph, enough to feed over 1000 hp. It lost 10 gph from it's advertised or free flow rating on this car. Pumps are rated at free flow because the pump mfr has NO IDEA what sort of lines, bends, filter etc that restrict flow, that you will be using.
G force is separate consideration. Allowing for G force requires the line pressure to be high enough to overcome the G forces. Nothing to do with pump GPH rating. A 10 gph pump that pumps at 15 psi is going to handle G force better than a 800 gph pump putting out 4 psi.
And now you are making it up as you go along. Just getting dumber. I NEVER said or recommended 58* of timing at idle. You got it WRONG in the geometry thread & now you have got it WRONG AGAIN with the statement that all rocker arms have a ratio gain. There may be some, but not all. D. Vizard has proved it with the results in his BBC book & that was only a small number of brands he tested. A test using 1.65 alum rockers was tested using different length p'rods. The object of the test was to see how much the valve lift changed by changing prod length. Advertised valve lift was 0.587". Three different prod lengths were used. Measured lift was 0.574", 0.573" & 0.558". So much for your nonsense. Not a Class Act.

Read it again, because you get nothing straight. All GOOD rockers have a higher than nominal ratio when using checking springs. To dispute this is moronic.

Did your hero Vizard do his rocker tests on shaft mounted rockers? Of course not. He did it with stud mounts so pushrod lengths change far more with pushrod length than shaft mounted rockers.

Again, just because you refuse to get it, your 512 CID example is junk. Again, to make power you have to burn fuel. More power, more fuel. Nothing to do with displacement. Yet you keep trying to unload crap on everyone.

You have issues with Holley anything and a love affair with anything not Holley. You will argue for that junk no matter what. No one in their right mind would buy a Carter pump when there are far better option on the market, except you.

As for timing at idle, you are the FABO goon who thinks every engine needs manifold vacuum advance. You said many times you need over 50 at idle, because your god Vizard says so. He also says to use vacuum secondary Holleys. I don’t know why, they are door stops. So who cares what he says.

I’m going to block you. You follow me on other sites and pull the same ****. Like I’ve said, it has to be a down under issue. There is something wrong with you. Trolling is what you do.

Blocked you are.