Classic Crap Once Again...

Ordered a dash pad ONE YEAR AGO this month, March of 2021, from Classic Industries.. When it finally arrived in July, it was so unbelievably defective, I couldn't believe it made it past quality control. Chalk it up to "things happen" ...(even though something THAT bad SHOULDN'T).. They reordered another for me, BUT, I went to the bottom of the list. Well, well...exactly one year later from the original order, I FINALLY receive the replacement today...and AGAIN, I'm not real happy. Some defects in the vinyl and the mounting studs are bent to hell... I have to mention that this current dash pad is from OER.... Guess they both have the same, crappy, incompetent, laughable, fast food mentality of "just crank the **** out and send it" attitude, where they just hope the customer doesn't give a **** because they're too hungry OR it's just too much of a hassle to bother with it BECAUSE IT MIGHT TAKE ANOTHER YEAR TO GET IT RIGHT....AND, by the way...the dash pad isn't the only product I had problems with from CLASSIC INDUSTRIES.. They COMPLETELY muddled up my headliner...sending me the wrong material AND DEFECTIVE at that.....then sending out a DEVECTIVE replacement. What a joke.
Was going to order a grille from them because I'm having a hard time finding an original...but NO WAY will I now.. I'll wait and wait till I find a nice OEM grille and just run my busted up one that's on my car now because hey, it'll match the crappy dash pad.

We’re very sorry to hear about this situation with the dash pad. We are going to look into this and we’d be more than happy to work with you to make things right.

Could you please send me a direct message with your order number or phone number, or email so I can locate your account? We’d be happy to exchange that dash pad for a new one (pre-inspected of course), or issue you a refund for your purchase.

Gabe Flores
Brand Manager