Classic Crap Once Again...

I understand mistakes happen. But it’s on the company to fix it, and fix it QUICKLY. I got a bad bushing on a Hellwig sway bar. They bent over backwards to make it right and get a new part out to me 24 hours later. It was obvious they took pride in what leaves their shop and QC problems were not “business as usual.” That’s how it’s done.

@ClassicIndustries3 I’m sure a lot of us will be watching this thread to see how you guys make things right with @nodemon before we place anymore orders.
That's fair... All we ask is that our customers contact us to give us a fair chance to make things right.

It may be worth mentioning again: if any forum member has an unresolved issue, we invite you to send us a direct message here so we can do our part to make sure things are handled quickly and properly.