100 shot of nitrous on 360 magnum engine

Things I consider mandatory for a successful nitrous system are as follows;
1. Healthy base engine
2. Strong, well sorted ignition system with some kind of programmable retard for nitrous activation.
3. Separate nitrous fuel system with good fuel in it.
4. Good fuel supply (read: big fuel pumps) on both the engine side and the nitrous side.
Make sure the fuel pressure is rock solid the entire time and set the nitrous system fuel pressure dynamically through the solenoids, with the lines flowing into a bucket. Lots of people will say they have had successful use of nitrous without some of this stuff and it is possible but lots of people blow stuff up and nitrous get the blame when it’s the supporting hardware and set up that actually caused the problem. Last and definitely not least, get really, really good at reading spark plugs. Have fun.

Bingo! Nitrous often gets blamed for failure to properly configure or use a system