Captainkirk's Duster project

After a year of them having my heads I finally was able to corner them into giving me a ballpark quote...and the news is not good.
Actually, it's just as I figured. A year ago, no less.
The cost to recondition the heads with guide inserts, seals, new springs and keepers, 2.02 intakes and hardened exhaust seats is a stone's throw from the cost of a new set of Eddies. Not to mention whatever I owe them for teardown and inspection.
I guess I don't have to ask what most of you would do. Aluminum heads generally make more power, come with 2.02's and hardened exhaust seats from the factory along with 171cc intake runners and hi-perf valve springs good for up to .575 lift. And they weigh 25# less apiece. People have relocated their batteries to the trunk for less weight. 50# is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, I get to keep the original heads as spares.
Am I missing something here or is this pretty much a no-brainer?
As you can tell, this project is pretty much stalled, so buying the new heads is not an urgent matter except that prices are likely to go up and availability down.