Shellehamer front suspension kit

Made the maiden voyage to New Oxford Dragway, Oxford, Maine, this past Friday night. Knew traction was going to be questionable as they had just installed new concrete on the starting line and new asphalt on both lanes. Other than the new front suspension other changes were a Quickfuel 2 circuit 1050 dominator style carb and new TTI 1 7/8 step headers. Had the AFCO coil overs set to AFCO's recommendation. First time trial run was less than stellar. Car felt like it spun to just past the 60 beam, then hooked and pulled hard. 6.88 @ 104 with a 1.89 60. Not good. Pulled a couple of plugs and notice the carb was jetted way lean. Went from 92 square to 94 square. lowered rear tire pressure from 13psi to 12psi. Second time trial was a little better. Still spun quite a bit off the line, went 6.78 at 104 with a 1.77 60. Still way off. Buddy of mine did a video of that run and I was getting almost no weight transfer so the front shocks were set way too stiff. Re-checked the plugs, still too lean, so upped the jets to 96 square. Loosened the shocks by 4 clicks. Lowered rear tire pressure to 11psi. Third time trial was a 6.69 @ 104.85, 1.67 60. Gaining on it. Didn't make any further changes as we were heading into eliminations. Anyway, long story short went 3 rounds, got anxious in the 3rd round and lit the ugly red bulb. So I ran it out the top end to a 6.60 @ 105, 1.50 60. I'm still about 2 tenths off the 1/8 mile ETs I was running last season, but the MPH is close. 60 times still need to improve so going to loosen those AFCOs up even more before this weekend. Car felt a lot more solid with the Shellehamer suspension kit. I'm not convinced that the engine likes that QuickFuel carb so I'm going to put my trusty old first generation Holley 1050 Dominator back on for this weekend's fun. Car usually runs in the low 6.40s @ 106 in the 1/8th so got a little ways to go. I'm wondering if the new TTI headers are having an adverse effect. I was running Hedman 2 inch race headers with adapter plates for my W2 heads, but I went with the TTI stepped headers for two reasons, no adapter plates and they will fit both of the engines I have. The TTI race headers would only fit the W2 heads on the engine currently in the car. Is it possible the smaller tubes are 'choking' the engine? I didn't think it would make very much of a difference.