Shellehamer front suspension kit

Sounds like a TON of jet.
I ran 88 squared and 90 squared( depending on weather conditions) on a heavy(3350) pound car that ran well into the 9’s with an 1100 Dominator.
I am not a carb expert at all, but something is going on to require that much jet on your motor to make it not lean.
What does your car weigh.
I'm in Maine so the weather conditions last Friday night was cool (60s into the 50s) with low humidity. Car weights 2680 without me in it. I based the jetting upon plug color. After the first run the plugs had no color at all to them. After upping the jets two sizes still wasn't much color to them so I went up two more. Didn't check the plugs after that as we were going into eliminations and I didn't want to make any other changes. However, I will say that each jet change resulted in a better run.