71 Duster Timing

Are you tuning with the handheld, or are you pulling the SD card and using a laptop?
A few more questions
Did you lock the timing and set the distributor at 15 degrees?
Is your hot IAC setting between 2-10%
Looking at your log, your idle A/f is 13.8, but when you accelerate it commanding 14.0? The accel enrichment adds fuel, then pulls it away. Something looks wrong
If you have any question, you can look up my number at www.cen-texenginedyno.com and give me a call, I will walk you through any issues you're having.

This is where we're at now after trying to adjust the IAC, it was at 0 at 160 degrees and stalled when I tried to adjust it. now when it starts, it idles erratically for a second and stalls. I brought the total timing down to 34 and disabled idle spark also. This looks like what I imagine interference looks like which is a common issue with the sniper.ERRATIC DATASET.jpg